provo girls summit 2017

About Provo Girls Summit

We held our first ever Provo Girls Summit in March 2017. It was a huge success, with 400 girls and their caregivers in attendance, and over 20 professional women with interactive displays and presentations. By 2018, we expanded to around 30 professional women. Our girls met professionals, asked questions, and had a great time!


“There wasn’t one particular profession that was my favorite. I mostly liked that now I know that there are so many options out there for me.”

– Girls Summit 2017 Attendee
provo girls summit 2017

Why Provo Girls Summit?

When it comes to discovering interests, following passions, and choosing a career, we believe it’s best to show girls a variety of options. Whether they pursue math, science, business, creative work or other fields, girls need to see professionals who look like them.

We quickly hatched the idea for Provo Girls Summit, an event where girls could could ask questions, make connections, and see successful models of women in many different lines of work. We wanted to provide this opportunity to girls whose minds are still filled with possibility.

When we reached out to the many professional women in our networks and pitched them our idea for a girls summit, each of them was thrilled at the prospect of helping girls achieve their professional goals and dreams. With all the excitement of the women involved, we knew we’d stumbled on something special.

We hope to see the event grow and expand in the years to come so that girls across the state will have the tools they need to be just what they want to be.